Commercials, corporate, e-learning, trailer, documentary, video game, app, narration, institutional and enterprise film…
What do you want me to do?

Native French voice over actor, I have the pleasure to work for various clients such as Toyota, the World Bank, ING, Unicef, ICF Mostra… Full professional proficiency in English and Spanish. Speaks Chinese. 会说中文。French accent.

Professional singer, songwriter, musician and music producer since 2002, I have an extensive experience in audio production, sound design, mix and creative writing.

Do you want it quiet and relaxing? Wild and coarse? Confident and convincing? Dynamic and enthusiastic? Catchy and sensual? You name it.

Masculine, deep, bass, warm, husky, mellow, young adult and middle-aged, my voice and studio are available for you now.

Contact me for a quote or any question. I can send you professionally edited audio files directly from my studio in the shortest delays.

I’m also able to make sound design and compose original music for your creations.


DEMO REEL Medley : Zapping 1’30”. Contains one remake and some non-published samples.

Medley E-learning, descriptive, corporate : Articulate, conversational, educational, believable, explicative voice.

Movie trailer : strong voice, manly and agressive.

Enterprise : selling, presenting of a medical product. Confident, authoritative, and serious voice.

Institutional : Educative, presentation, informational. Clear and articulate voice.

E-learning : Eloquent and informative voice for an educational project.

English with French accent : Remake of Guinness – the surfer TV commercial. Strong, masculine, powerful and enticing wild voice.

Documentary : warm and nurturing voice describing mysterious India.

Narration : from “Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique”, M. Tournier. Coarse, deep, masculine, authentic and inspiring voice.

Sung voice over for National TV spot:

Warm, delicate, coarse and fragile voice.

Voice over for the World Bank:

Deep, convincing, believable, reassuring and warm voice.

Jeu vidéo Disco Elysium:

Lieutenant Kim Kitsuragi’s voice, main character of Disco Elysium’s award winning game, recently declared as one of the 10 best video games of the 2010s, by the Time magazine.

Voice over for an Unicef campaign:

Instructional, clear, presentation, e-learning.

Voice, sound design and music:

Presentation of Heinrich Böll foundation motion design video. Enthusiastic, dynamic, narration. Sound design, music, voice over, mix and mastering.


I’m a 36 years old French speaking comedian performing and producing commercials, institutional, corporate and advertising projects for various clients since 6 years.

After 15 years singing and playing music, a few albums composed and 300+ concerts (Jullian – Origines), I was coached by voice over artist and radio producer Justin Douilliez.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m ready to deliver the requested production in the shortest delays.

Clients :

Toyota, la Banque Mondiale, Disco Elysium, Unicef, Viessmann, United nations, Infrabel, Viessmann, EF Education, Valvert, Boretti, Euler Hermes, ING, ICF Mostra, Gealan, Interecho, Foodspring, Zaum, Etage Creative…